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Data Sources

Get Data from all Major sourcues of data.

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  • More then 20 sources of data
  • Supported all major Search Engines and business platforms
  • Get title of the company, address, phone, emails, url, contact form url, social media links, company alexa ranking.
  • Grab any urls from search engines based on keywords.
  • Search up to 1000 results per keyword.
  • Option to use specific language, country or city when performing search.
  • Filter or export received results.
  • Extracting Social urls from existing urls
  • Convert Social handles to urls and vice versa
  • Clipboard supported
  • Exporting to CSV
Powerful Engine

Fast and reliable scanning

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  • Fast multithreaded Email,Phone and Social scanning.
  • Auto speed adjustments
  • Option to Manual or semi auto scan a list of urls for emails or phone numbers.
  • Auto saving in case of shuting down
  • Hide in tray when not in use
  • Delay option between requests
  • Depth of pages option
  • Anonmouse searching
  • Exporting search engine pages to a file
  • Full current status display
Ai Solutions

Advanced Intelligent data processing.

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  • Automatic processing
  • Removing duplicates on the fly
  • Associate existing social indicators to results
  • Manual captcha solving
  • Auto captcha solving
Social Networks

Find any targeted business or person on Linkedin or Twitter

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Search by tweets, bio or city, Get Twitter followers or followings

  • Search by tweets, bio or city.
  • Get Twitter followers or followings
  • Filter results by followers count
  • Extended searching
  • Export results to a file
Advanced Filters

Any contact or data can be custom filtered on the fly or in post processing

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  • Sort contacts by any column in the data
  • Cpnvert Social handles to urls and vice versa
  • Remove blanks,certain strings or duplicates
  • Filter Emails to meet certain criteria
  • Extracting Social urls from existing urls
Email Sender

Send emails to your leads directly from the software with built-in email sender.

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  • Send custom emails to a list of emails directly from the program
  • Import list of emails directly from results
  • Import email list from files
  • Auto spin text, so every email subject or message can look unique
  • Full status report

Generate new keywords or translate them to any other language

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  • Auto Generating new keywords
  • Translate keywords to any other language
  • Filtering keywords
  • Add Prefix
  • Add Suffix
  • Import keywords from file

Research ads based on keywords.

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  • Built-in Advanced cross checking of ad results
  • Get urls advertising for specific keywords
  • Repeat option to maximize accuracy
  • Set number of repeated searches
  • Export results
  • Full status report

With built-in web browser you can quickly check a list of any urls fill in any contact form fast.

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  • Import a list of urls from file
  • Import list of urls directly from results
  • Full Webbrowser control functions
  • Full status report

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